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Permitting and Inspections

The Orangeburg County Permitting and Inspections Department strives to achieve excellence in all facets of building inspection through providing timely, efficient and thorough building inspections. We are committed to providing quality services to all citizens through innovation, continuous improvement, determination and excellence in customer service. Our primary mission is to safeguard the public, promote the health, safety and welfare of Orangeburg County through enforcement of the Adopted Building Codes. We believe in equitable treatment for all individuals regardless of circumstances and strive to enforce all building codes in a fair and considerate manner.

Permits and Inspections Personnel and Documents

CBO, RSFM Harry O. Wiggins (803) 533-6173
Inspector Chris Metts (803) 533-6173
Inspector John Whaley (803) 533-6173
Plans Examiner Stewart Haig (803) 533-6173
Clerk Aretha Langston (803) 533-6173
Clerk Lisa Williams (803) 533-6173
Permitting / Inspections Main Line (803) 533-6173
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Building Permit Fee Refund
Code Modifications
Commercial Plan Submittal Requirements
Community Development Fees
Contractors Representative Form
Duct Leakage Affidavit
Fire Protection Requirements
Fire Sprinkler Plan Review Checklist
Floodplain Development Permit
Hood Plan Review
IECC Certification
IECC Trade Off Form
Manufactured Home Facts
Manufactured Home Requirements
Mechanical Contractors Affidavit
Owner Builder Disclosure Statement
Permitting Fees List
Plan-permit Application
Residential Deck Guide
Residential Requirements
South Carolina Building Codes
Seismic & Wind Zone Map
[ click here to view the Seismic and Wind Zone map .pdf ]

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Building Official

  • Harry Wiggins
  • Office: (803) 533-6173
  • Fax: (803) 533-6048