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Our FLC Assignment database may be searched via two methods: tax map number and owner name.

Enter the search criteria and click the SEARCH button. If you are using the Bill to Name search method, type the last name then the first name without punctuation. A space must separate the last name and first name.

Any of the search methods accept partial entries (i.e. typing DO for the bill to name search will return all entries with last names that begin with DO; Dozier, Dobson, Donaldson, etc.).

To view property image related to a parcel, click the hyperlinked tax map number. All images may not be available.

This search feature only searches for Real Estate and Mobile Homes from the Delinquent Tax sale on December 5, 2016.

Tax Map Number
(e.g. 00000000000000) for Map Number
Bill to Name
(e.g. DOE JOHN) for JOHN DOE
All FLC Listings

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