Employee Benefits

The County offers its employees a comprehensive health and dental program, along with a wide array of supplemental insurance programs.  The  County  has  long  been  committed  to  providing  its  employees  the  best  possible  insurance  benefits  at  the  greatest  possible value. We’ve maintained that commitment even in the face of healthcare costs that continue to soar.

Employee Insurance Program

The County of Orangeburg offers the following kinds of benefits to its full-time employees through the State of South Carolina’s Budget and Control Board Employee Insurance Program (EIP):

  • Dental
  • Life insurance
  • Long term care
  • Long term disability
  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Optional medical / dependent care spending accounts

For additional information regarding these benefits, please visit Employee Insurance Program (EIP) at 888-260-9430 and Retiree Billing at 803-734-1696 or you may contact Human Resources.


Benefits Summary

  1. annual leave
  2. Bereavement leave
  3. Court Leave
  4. Deferred Compensation-Empowerment Retirement (401K & 457)
  5. Employee Assistance Program
  6. Family Medical Leave of Absence
  7. Group Long Term Disability
  8. Military Leave
  9. Paid Holidays
  10. paid leave
  11. sick leave
  12. South Carolina Retirement
  13. Supplemental Insurance
  14. Workers’ Compensation

All employees assigned to regular full time positions accrue annual leave with pay. New hires in their introductory period are not allowed to use accrued annual leave until satisfactory completion of their introductory period. The maximum amount of accrued leave that can be carried over at the end of the year is 240 hours. Use of annual leave is encouraged and subject to supervisor approval.

1. Except in the case of an emergency, all annual leave must be approved a minimum of two (2) days in advance by the            employee’s Department Head.

    Whenever possible, an employee wishing to take more than four (4) hours of annual leave time should request approval        at least one (1) week in advance.

2. Department Heads are responsible for scheduling vacations based on employee seniority and must ensure that their            departments are adequately staffed at all times. Consequently, the County may limit the number of employees that may be              absent from a department at any one time.

3. The value of an employee’s accumulated but unused annual leave not to exceed two hundred forty (240) hours will be          paid to the employee at termination only if: (1) the employee gives and satisfactorily completes a two week notice of                      resignation; or (2) in the case of the employee’s discharge by the County, the employee is not discharged for disciplinary                reasons as determined by the County.

Annual Leave Accrual Schedule (each pay period)

Tenure              7.5 Hour Shift            8 Hour Shift           12 Hour Shift           24 Hour Shift

0-6 Years           3.7 hours                    3.7 hours                 4.44 hours                4.62 hours

7-14 Years         4.6 hours                    4.6 hours                 5.55 hours                5.78 hours

15 or More         5.5 hours                    5.5 hours                 6.66 hours                6.94 hours

If employee voluntary terminates his/her employment with the county and is rehired, previous years of employment will be counted towards annual leave accrual.

MyBenefits Accounts

Setting up your MyBenefits Account is the fastest, most convenient way for you as a subscriber covered by the Employee Insurance Program (EIP) to manage your benefits. Enroll in MyBenefits today and start managing your insurance information! View the Setting Up a New MyBenefits Account (PDF) for instructions to set-up your account.

MyBenefits will allow you to do the following:

  • Access your insurance benefits information
  • Make changes to your coverage during the annual open enrollment period in October and some special eligibility situations
  • Review and change your beneficiaries
  • Update your contact information

Member Access Accounts

Set up your Member Access Account to view your personal information on file with the South Carolina Retirement System. View Member Access instructions (PDF) to set up your account. It is safe and available anytime, from anywhere you have internet access. Member Access will allow you to:

  • Create benefits estimates
  • Manage service credit purchases
  • Request a refund
  • Review your account balance
  • Review your beneficiary information
  • Review your service credit
  • Submit a service credit application
  • Update your contact information

Retired members can use Member Access to:

  • Review and manage their monthly benefit, including payment history and direct deposit information
  • Manage their tax withholdings
  • Review their beneficiaries
  • View and print an IRS Form 1099-R
  • View and print a benefit verification letter
  • Review their payment option
  • Update their contact information