Other Information 

Payment of Wages

Employees will be paid bi-weekly, through direct deposit unless the County makes other arrangements with a particular employee. When a payday falls on a scheduled bank observed holiday, employees shall be paid on the workday preceding the holiday. The County shall make deductions from employees’ paychecks as required by law. Upon the written authorization of the employee, the County may make deductions for insurance, other benefits, etc. To insure maximum efficiency and coordination of services, it is the policy of the County of Orangeburg to provide uniform working hours for all departments, excepting those departments which maintain continuous operations seven days per week and those departments otherwise specified by the County Administrator.

The office hours for all departments of The County of Orangeburg will be no less than 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., five (5) days per week, except holidays. Those County departments where seven day/24 hour services or emergency services are maintained may have workweeks in excess of the normally scheduled hours. Overtime may be scheduled as required by business necessity.

Advance of Wages

Cash debts owed by the employee to the County, fringe benefits, uniforms, tools, equipment, vehicles, instruction manuals, keys, beepers, computers, and other items belonging to the County and advanced or issued to an employee and not repaid or returned by the employee at the time of termination are considered “advances of wages,” the value of which may be deducted from the employee’s final paycheck(s). By accepting or continuing employment, the employee authorizes these deductions.

Failure to Receive Proper Pay/Benefits

If an employee does not submit a grievance or otherwise complain in writing within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date on which he knew or reasonably should have known that he failed to receive a benefit(s) or proper wages in accordance with the County policies, he forfeits all rights to such benefit(s) or wages.

Verification of Employment

To verify employment of past or current employees, contact Human Resources at 803-268-2462.

Report an Injury or Property Damage

To report an injury or property damage, please visit Industry Safe or contact Risk Services at 803-533-6151.