ServiceFiling FeeBond FeeService FeeProviso FeeExecution of JudgmentTotal
Claim and Delivery$45 +$5* +$10 +$10 +$20** =$90

* Only required when claim for immediate seizure made.
** Only required when pick-up order or execution issued; also includes a $10 service fee.

ServiceFiling FeeService FeeProviso FeeWarrant of DistraintTotal
Distraint$20 +$10 +$10 +$10 =$50

ServiceFiling FeeService FeeMailing FeeProviso FeeWrit of EjectmentTotal
Ejectment$20 +$10 +$5* +$10 +$10** =$55

* If required by Section 27-37-30.
** This figure represents service costs and should only be charged if service of the final paper is needed.

ServiceFiling FeeService FeeProviso FeeTotal
Harassment/Stalking Restraining Order (Section 16-3-1750)**$45 +$10 +$25 =$80

** Fee not required at an initial filing. Charge to non-prevailing party at conclusion of hearing.

ServiceFiling FeeService FeeProviso FeeTotal
Interpleader (Section 22-3-25)$45 +$20* +$25 =$90

* Service upon two defendants will be required in an interpleader action.

ServiceFiling FeeService FeeProviso FeeTotal
Magistrates Declaration and Sale or Destruction of Derelict Mobile Homes (Section 6-1-150)$45 +$10 +$25 =$80

ServiceFiling FeeProviso FeeTotal
Magistrates Sale of Abandoned Mobile Homes (Section 6-1-150)$25 +$10 =$35

ServiceRepair & Storage Filing Fee/CostProviso FeeTotal
Magistrates Sales (Section 29-15-10)$25 +$10 =$35

ServiceFiling FeeService FeeProviso FeeWarrant of EjectmentTotal
Summary Ejectment of Trespassers (Section 15-67-610)$45 +$10 +$10 +$10* =$75

* Represents cost of service of warrants. Only charge if service of warrant is required.

ServiceFiling FeeService FeeProviso FeeTotal
Summons and Complaint$45 +$10 +$25 =$80

Miscellaneous Court Fees

  • Court Fee: counterclaim for summons and complaint: $10
  • Court Fee: preparation and serving of a summons/subpoena in a civil action: $8
  • Court Fee: preparing, certifying, and forwarding a transcript of judgment in a civil case for purpose of appeal (does not apply to criminal appeals): $10
  • Court Fee: summons jury panel in civil case; cost to be born by losing party: $5
  • Witness Fee: paid to witness by compelling party: $25