Mosquito Control

Orangeburg County provides a comprehensive mosquito control program for the entire County, treating both the larval and adult stages of mosquitoes. The mosquito control program is a seasonal department and operates Monday through Friday, between the months of May and October.

A mosquito is not only a nuisance while enjoying the outdoors, but it is also a vector for spreading harmful diseases to both humans and animals. The Mosquito Control Department provides services to the entire County of Orangeburg, although some townships may also have their own departments to treat mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control Duties

Our department works in two shifts. First shift handles our Larvaciding operations and the second shift (evening) handles the Adulticiding (spraying) operations. Our first shift works from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. First shift receives and organizes complaints Monday through Friday from the public about mosquitoes, inspects ditches and determines what type of treatment to use to prevent the pupae from maturing into adults.

Our second shift (evening) works from 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm. The second shift utilizes spray machines to combat mosquitoes in and around neighborhoods and the surrounding areas. Spraying operations are conducted in the evening when the air is cool, and while wind velocity does not exceed 10 miles per hour. Spraying is mainly done during the evening because there is generally an inversion of air temperature that holds the small droplets sprayed close to the ground.

This inversion promotes excellent control of mosquitoes. Most mosquitoes are also very active during evening hours. Spraying is not done during times of excessive air movement, such as high winds or thermals created on hot days by rising warm air, which results in ultra low volume (ULV) droplets being dispersed so swiftly that effectiveness is reduced or prevented.

Mosquito Complaints