File An Incident Report

Online Incident Report Requests

Use the Incident Report Request Form to make an online request for an incident report. You will be required to show proper identification and pay any associated fees when you pick up the report.


To obtain a copy of an incident report, a valid picture ID is required of the complainant or the victim listed on the incident report.

Availability of Reports

Under normal circumstances, an incident report taken by an officer will be available the next business day after 12 pm.

Persons Other than the Victim or Complainant

If you are not the victim or complainant, you will be required to file a Freedom of Information Act to obtain a copy of the report and pay a $5 fee. The Orangeburg County Sherif’s Office has 14 days to review your request to determine if the report will be released to you and to remove any sensitive information including any medical, victim, or complainant information.

Juvenile Information

If a juvenile is listed on any incident report, that information will be removed.