Conveying Title & Voiding of a Sale

Upon failure of the defaulting taxpayer, grantee, mortgagee, judgment creditor or lessee of the property to redeem within the time period allowed for redemption, the Tax Collector shall as soon as possible, issue a tax deed to the successful bidder or their grantee. The tax deed is not a warranted deed, but conveys the interest held by the county to the bidder.

The purchaser will be notified in writing and must pay all applicable fees prior to the deed being recorded by the Register of Mesne Conveyance (RMC). If a mobile home is not redeemed, a Bill of Sale will be issued to the successful bidder. You will have ten days to respond.

If you purchase property that includes a Life Estate, the purchaser receives only the interest of the life estate tenant.

Voiding a Sale

If the official in charge of the tax sale discovers before a tax title has passed that there is a failure of any action required to be properly performed, the official may void the tax sale and refund the amount paid, plus interest in the amount actually earned.