Are any businesses exempt from the County’s business license requirement?

Yes. State law (Sec 4-9-30(12)) establishes that certain businesses are exempt from County business licensing requirements. These include the following:

  1.  teachers, ministers, and rabbis;
  2.  telephone, telegraph, gas and electric utilities or other utilities regulated by the Public Service Commission;
  3.  insurance companies, and
  4.  businesses making loans secured by real estate (unless it has a premises located in the county but outside a municipality).

Other businesses exempted from all (county or city) business license taxes by State or US law include the following:

  1.  Vendors selling produce
  2.  air express and passenger interstate transportation;
  3.  alcoholic beverages;
  4.  banks and building loan companies;
  5.  credit unions, both state and federal;
  6.  Marketing Cooperative Associations and Mutual benevolent aid associations; and
  7.  Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums.

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