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Welcome to the Orangeburg County Probate Court

The Orangeburg County Probate Court strives to provide accurate, professional service in a compassionate, user-friendly environment.

From the Judge's Desk

It is a pleasure serving as your probate judge. I am continuously striving to make your probate experience as convenient as possible. I am committed to keeping you informed and would be delighted to share probate information with you and your organization. Please explore our website. I encourage you to make suggestions on how we may serve Orangeburg County with excellence.

Biography of Judge Jones-Glover

Judge Jones-Glover earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Political Science from Clemson University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arkansas, School of Law. As a law student, Judge Jones-Glover served as the president of the Black Law Students Association, clerk of the Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, member of the Public Interest Law Foundation, and federal judicial extern for the U.S. District Court, Western District of Arkansas. Probate Judge

She is currently pursuing a Master of Laws degree in Elder Law and Estate Planning at Western New England University.

Judge Jones-Glover was admitted to the South Carolina Bar in January 2001. She began her legal career as law clerk for the Honorable Clifton B. Newman of the Third Judicial Circuit. She relocated to Orangeburg, South Carolina in 2002 to join the First Judicial Circuit’s Solicitor’s Office.

On July 1, 2004, Judge Jones–Glover was appointed Probate Judge for the County of Orangeburg. She was elected in 2006, 2010 and 2014. As Probate Judge, her mission has been to inform and provide professional service in a compassionate, user- friendly environment. To this end, she has implemented weekly classroom to courtroom workshops , organized and conducted numerous probate workshops throughout the County for Citizens and First Responders.

Judge Jones-Glover is also as an Adjunct Professor at Claflin University.

Judge Jones-Glover is currently serving as President of the South Carolina Association of Probate Judges, member of the South Carolina Probate Judges’ Advisory Committee and the National College of Probate Judges Association.

She is an active member of the Orangeburg Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the Orangeburg Chapter of the Links, Inc. and the Kiwanis Club of Orangeburg.

Judge Jones-Glover is a member of Andrew Chapel Baptist Church. She is married to Kenneth Glover. They are the proud parents of 5 sons and 4 grandson.

Probate Court Office Forms

Probate forms are available your convenience. Any questions concerning these forms should be directed to the Orangeburg County Probate Court at (803) 533-6280. In order to view and/or print these forms, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may obtain a free copy from Adobe.
Form #Form Name.pdf
SCCA401PCSummons [ view / download ]
524GCNotice of Right to Counsel [ view / download ]
530GCPetition for Finding of Incapacity and Appointment of Guardian -Mandatory [ view / download ]
520GC-Dual Petition for Appointment of Guardian and Conservator (for Adult) [ view / download ]
534GCGuardian Report [ view / download ]
540GCPetition for Protective Order and Appointment of Conservator for an Adult-Mandatory [ view / download ]
534GCApplication Informal Petition (Formal) for Protection Order and Appointment of Conservator for a Minor [ view / download ]
549GCRenunciationNomination for Guardian and Conservator-Acceptance of Service [ view / download ]
550GC550GC-Inventory and Appraisement (Conservator) (Mandatory) [ view / download ]
534GC552GC-Application for Expenditure(s) [ view / download ]
567GC567GC-LF Conservator Report-Long Form [ view / download ]
568GC568GC-Conservator Report for a Minor [ view / download ]
Form Name.pdf
Marriage License Request Form [ view / download ]
Affadavit Correction [ view / download ]
Marriage License Brochure [ view / download ]
Court ServicesCourt Fee
Marriage Licenses$40 Total (Cash Only)
Marriage Ceremonies$50 (county residents) / $100 (non-residents)
Certified copy of marriage license$5
Reforming or correcting Marriage Record$6.75
Petition filing fee$150
Hearing a petition to sell real estate in aid of assets$150 (filing fee)
Will filed only$25 (filing fee)
Filing of Creditor’s Claim$5
Certifying appeal record$10
Issuing certified copies$5 per certification
Photostat copies, including certifying Photostat copy to be mailed$0.50 per image
Demand for notice$5
Filing and indexing of estates from other counties and statesCertified in-state copies: $20/ Exemplification ouf-of-state copies: $25
Issuing exemplified copies$20
Subsequent administration, successor personal representative, special or temporary fiduciary$22.50
Reopen due to Rule 4$150
Conservator Annual Accounting$10
Final Estate Accounting$5
Form #Form Name.pdf
420ESAffidavit for Collection of Personal Property Pursuant to Small Estate Proceedings [ view / download ]
300ESApplication (Informal) / Petition (Formal) for Probate of Will or Appointment (Mandatory) [ view / download ]
332ESApplication / Petition for Appointment of Special Administrator -- $22.50 FILING FEE [ view / download ]
334ESApplication / Petition for Successor Personal Representative -- $22.50 FILING FEE [ view / download ]
333ESApplication / Petition for Subsequent Administration -- $22.50 FILING FEE [ view / download ]
301ESAdditional Devisees/Heirs/Successors [ view / download ]
445ES Affidavit of Heirs [ view / download ]
482ES Affidavit to Obtain Bank Balance [ view / download ]
329ES Application for Sale of Personal Property [ view / download ]
305ES Information to Heirs and Devisees [ view / download ]
350ES SF Inventory and Appraisement SF (Mandatory) [ view / download ]
350ES SF Cont. Inventory and Appraisement SF - Continuation Sheet [ view / download ]
352ES Motion for Extension [ view / download ]
372ES Notice of Allowance / Disallowance of Claim [ view / download ]
331ES Petition for Removal of Personal Representative [ view / download ]
430ES Petition for Sale of Real Estate [ view / download ]
325ES Release/Satisfaction of Claim [ view / download ]
302ES Renunciation of Right to Administration and/or Nomination and/or Waiver of Bond [ view / download ]
480ES Safe Deposit Affidavit [ view / download ]
340ES Statement of Value and Income for Purposes of Bond [ view / download ]
371ES Statement of Creditor's Claim (Mandatory) [ view / download ]
335ES Statement of Resignation [ view / download ]
350ES SQA Subsequent Administration Inventory [ view / download ]
344ES Waiver of Bond [ view / download ]
364ES Waiver of Filing Requirements [ view / download ]
111ESW Waiver of Notice in an Estate [ view / download ]
111ES D Demand for Notice in and Estate [ view / download ]
421ES Verified Statement to Close Estate (62-3-1204) [ view / download ]
120PC Proof of Delivery [ view / download ]
412ES Application for Settlement [ view / download ]
Affidavit of Tax Liability [ view / download ]
361ES Accounting (Mandatory) -- $5.00 ACCOUNTING FEE [ view / download ]
337ES Application for Settlement & Accounting of Subsequent Administration [ view / download ]
400ES Deed of Distribution [ view / download ]
416ES Notice of Right to Demand Hearing [ view / download ]
120PC (1-2014) Proof of Delivery (Closing Document) [ view / download ]
403ES Receipt and Release with Waiver [ view / download ]

Probate Court Contact Info.

One hour parking is available near the courthouse. Anyone parked for more than one hour is subject to be ticketed by the City. Additional parking is available behind Smiley’s Presto Shine & Muffler Center. The courthouse has two entrances for the public. One is designated for handicap access and parking. We also have elevators for access to offices and courtrooms on the second floor.

  • The following floors have these offices:
    • Basement: Solicitor’s Office, Sheriff’s Department-Civil Division
    • First floor: Probate Court, Clerk of Court, Register of Deeds, Public Defender
    • Second floor: Family Court Courtroom, Grand Jury Room, Main courtroom for General Sessions and Common Pleas
    • Third Floor: Master-In-Equity

The Probate Court Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM excluding County holidays.

Probate Court Office

  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
  • Mailing Address
  • P.O. Drawer 9000
  • Orangeburg, SC 29116