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Orangeburg County Delinquent Tax Sale


Properties that are being auctioned at this Delinquent Tax Sale have not been examined, searched, or reviewed by an attorney. Each property is being sold without any warranty or assurance that a purchaser will receive a good title to the property, receive all of the interest in the property, or that the property is free of liens. Therefore, the County recommends, if you are a successful bidder, that prior to taking any actions regarding the property you purchased at this auction, you have a title examination performed to determine what interest, if any, you may have received as a successful bidder and determine whether the property is subject to any liens. In accordance to state statues that govern delinquent tax sales (specifically including SC Code sections 12-51-40 through 170) the bid amount shall be paid in full by cash, cashier's check, certified check, or money order on the date of the sale to the Delinquent Tax Office.

Your usage of this system signifies that you have read and understood this disclaimer and acknowledgement, and that you, THE UNDERSIGNED, your successor(s), assign(s), executor(s), personal representative(s), and anyone claiming an interest in the property as a result of you being the successful bidder at the delinquent tax sale, HEREBY RELEASE Orangeburg County, and any and all agents acting on the County’s behalf, from any and all liability.