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Delinquent Tax FAQ

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A. The 2018 tax sale will be held on December 3, 2018.
A. The sale is held at the Orangeburg County Law Enforcement Complex, 1520 Ellis Avenue, Orangeburg, SC at 10:00AM.
A. Property to be offered for sale will be advertised in the Times & Democrat newspaper for three consecutive weeks for real estate and two consecutive weeks for mobile homes.
A. A list of properties to be sold can be obtained from the Times & Democrat newspaper or at www.orangeburgcounty.org/deltax.
A. All prospective bidders must be registered in order to participate in the tax sale. The cost of registration is $10.00. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged and will be available in person and on the Delinquent Tax web page.
A. Cash, money order, cashier's check and personal checks with a letter of credit from your financial institution nwill be accepted. All bids must be paid in full at the end of the sale.
A. The opening bid is submitted on behalf of the Forfeited Land Commission. If there is no bid, the property will be considered purchased by the F.L.C. and may be available for assignment at a date TBA.
A. No mail bids are accepted; however, you may send a representative.
A. The successful bidder of property at a tax sale acquires the title without warranty and buys at his/her own risk. We issue a tax deed and the owner is responsible for any further actions to be taken. Please consult with your attorney.
A. The interest schedule is: first three months @ (3) three percent; Months four, five and six @ (6) six percent; Months seven, eight, and nine @ (9) nine percent; and Last three months @ (12) percent. However, in every redemption, the amount of interest due must not exceed the amount of the bid on the property submitted on behalf of the forfeited land commission pursuant to section 12-51-55.
A. If the official in charge of the tax sale discovers before a tax title has passed that there is a failure of any action required to be properly performed, the official may void the tax sale and refund the amount paid, plus interest in the amount actually earned.