You may find answers to many common questions posed to Sheriff's Office staff on this page. Topics included in this F.A.Q. are as follows:

Bond Procedures

All questions regarding bond procedures should be directed to Orangeburg County's Regional Magistrate Court.

Copper Laws

South Carolina's new nonferrous metal bill, Act Number 68, took effect August 17, 2011. Act Number 242 took effect December 15, 2012 deleting previously issued 48 hour permits.

Criminal Warrants

Desk Sergeant

Detention Center

The County of Orangeburg operates the Orangeburg-Calhoun Regional Detention Center. The Detention Center can be reached at 803-539-2091.

Directed Patrol

Directed Patrol is a service of the Sheriff's Office to citizens and business owners for a limited period of time.

Residents who have recently experienced an incident in their home or business may request an officer to check their home daily for not more than seven (7) days.

There are certain criteria that must be met prior to a home or business being placed on the directed patrol service.

Please contact the Sheriff's Office at (803) 533-5827 for more information or to inquire about this service for your property.

Orders of Protection

Retrieving a Vehicle from Impound

  • Q: My vehicle was towed, when can I retrieve it?

    A: If your vehicle was seized, a notice of the seizure will be given to the registered owner and the vehicle will not be released to the owner.

    Vehicles that are brought in because they were involved in a criminal act or towed because they were abandoned will be released to the REGISTERED owner only with a valid picture identification. However, they will not be released to the owner until the vehicle is cleared through investigations. There are special cases that a vehicle can be released to another individual.

    If a vehicle is towed in for any reason, the tow bill must be paid in cash before it can be released.

Tenant/Landlord Issues

Vehicle Auctions

  • Q: My car is in the Sheriff's Office impound lot, will I be notified before it is sold at auction?

    A: All registered owners and lien holders of a vehicle must be notified via certified mail giving them 60 days to get the vehicle or it is subject to be sold at public auction. We will advertise an auction in the Times and Democrat 14 days prior to the sale and post the list of vehicles to be sold in the Sheriff's Office at 1520 Ellis Avenue and the County Court House. We do allow owners to retrieve their vehicles up to the day before the auction at 5:00 PM.

  • Q: How does the auction work?

    A: On the day of the sale, the gates open at 8am and the sale begins at 9am. Every one that wishes to bid must register with the auctioneer before 9am; there is no charge for that.

    We do not accept personal checks to make a purchase during the auction. Cash ONLY. Local businesses may pay with a business check.

    If you purchase a vehicle at the auction, we request that you retrieve the vehicle the same day. However, if arrangements can be made specifically for those individuals who purchase multiple vehicles.