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Forensic Services

Lieutenant of Forensic Services - Gerald Carter

Lieutenant Gerald Carter

Lieutenant Gerald Carter began his law enforcement career in 1988 as a Reserve Deputy for the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office. Carter accepted a full-time position in 1993 and has worked in Field Services, Criminal Investigations, Burglary Task Force, Special Operations, and the position he currently holds, Lieutenant of Forensic Services.

Carter is a graduate of Claflin University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Criminal Justice. Carter holds a Master of Science from Troy University in Criminal Justice. Carter was the first officer from the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office to graduate the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy with honors and the first to graduate from the National Forensic Academy.

Carter also obtained his Crime Scene Investigator Certification IAI. Carter is a specific skills and firearms instructor through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, and has earned certifications in Fingerprint Classification/comparison and Clandestine Lab Processing.

Division Description

The OCSO Forensic Lab provides Investigators and Deputies with the tools that are required to identify, document, collect, and process physical evidence in a timely and efficient manner. The facility makes the agency self-sufficient and less reliant on other facilities to process our physical evidence, which increases our productivity and quality control.

Forensic Services

Forensic Investigators have the resources to be proficient in all disciplines of crime scene investigations and evidence processing, including but not limited to latent print examination and identification, tire track and footwear examination and identification, trace evidence collection, bloodstain pattern analysis, marijuana analysis, forensic photography, and chemical enhancement.

The evidence room custodian accepts, packages, and properly maintains the pieces of evidence collected by the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office. All preservation and handling standards are met to not compromise the integrity of the evidence. The evidence room custodian assists the forensic investigators by processing, analyzing, and transporting evidence to external agencies when additional analysis is required.

If you have any questions regarding evidence or recovered property, you may contact Kimberly Pugh at 803 535-2351.