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Man returned to SC to face murder charge

5/27/2016 | Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said today’s court hearing is just one reason anyone charged with murder is sought so doggedly.
“To see that relative crying in court, to imagine a child without a father, a family with one less member is reason enough,” the sheriff said. “But murder is also the most heinous crime we have in our code of laws.”
Anthony McKennie, 30, was formally charged on Thursday with shooting to death 27-year-old Theodio Glenn at an Orangeburg residence on March 4.
Orangeburg County Magistrate Peggy Doremus advised McKennie, AKA Anthony Newman, he had certain rights as a defendant as well as a right to an attorney.
“You’re charged with warrant number 2016A3810700147…..murder,” she said, “do you understand these charges?”
During Thursday’s hearing, family members of Glenn had to be assisted out after being overcome emotionally.
McKennie told the court he was from Pennsylvania when asked where he lived prior to Orangeburg County.
It was on March 22 that law enforcement officials located McKennie is a Philadelphia duplex where he had been staying with acquaintances.
The former Pennsylvania man was returned to South Carolina this week to face a charge of murder after a fatal shooting at a St. Ann Street residence.
Witnesses said they heard McKennie arguing with Glenn inside the residence moments prior to their hearing a gunshot.
“We’re going to enforce every law to the fullest whether it is homicide or not,” Ravenell said after the hearing. “You will answer for your crimes.”