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Distillery Dismantled; 3 Arrested

10/13/2011 | Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell announces the arrest of 3 Cross residents after a liquor still was found off County Line Road in Orangeburg County Tuesday.

Ravenell says Wesley Gavin, Michael Collier, and Eddie Gavin were arrested and each is charged with manufacture of untaxed liquor. Nathaniel A. Dantzler was also arrested for an outstanding warrant on Tuesday after arriving at the incident location while officers were investigating the still.

Ravenell concludes This still has been under surveillance for a while. Because of the elaborate setup of this operation, we knew we would eventually be able to locate the suspects. And Tuesday we caught them stirring the pot. Collier was cooking a 55-gallon barrel on moonshine when we arrived on scene.

Seven 55-gallon barrels and 2 5-gallon barrels of illegal alcoholic liquor (moonshine), cracked corn, 61 5-pound bags of sugar, 7 50-pound bags of sugar, and copper pipers.

Image Credit - OCSO